Never Ordinary


Certainly not subtle, not at all uninteresting, and never ordinary, you are a woman who captivates, uplifts, and leads with humor, heart, and inclusion. (So, good news - you AND your best gal could have matching jewels, as we have TWO of this showstopper style available!) Oval beads of faceted jasper show off the most extraordinary patterning - swirls and bands and marbling in creams, burgundy, olive green, and camel hues - and drape beautifully around the neck alternating with small gilt and textured brass beads. At the side, a vintage hand-tied appliqué and silk tassel that we crafted into an elegant pendant, its ivory shimmer at once elegant and eye-catching. (Honestly, we can't stop staring, and it's been in our studio for weeks.) Necklace measures 19" in length with its gilt copper toggle clasp, and the pendant measures 8.5" in all. (Remember the whole "not subtle" thing?!)
$ 318.00
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