My Cup Runneth Over

Elva Fields

This must be what joyful love looks like in jewelry form: shades of blues and pinks and lilacs mixing and mingling in wonderful array, layered and lovely, gathered happily, and clasped by a pair of gorgeous golden hearts. Combining vinyl sequin beads, recycled African glass, Indian glass, 150-year-old Yoruba glass, quartz, crystal, agate, and brass beads in seven draping strands, a vintage goldtone double heart buckle by Paquette completes the look. And at nearly 4" width, it's not one to shy away from being noticed...but it may be worn at either side or around back, so whether the hearts are displayed or not, this is a versatile gem to enjoy in so many ways. Measuring 20" at its shortest strand, our cup runneth over with adoration for this one.

$ 338.00
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