Lemon-Lime, Just Fine

Elva Fields

Although we originally designed this bright beauty as part of our Pre-Spring Collection ten years ago, we hadn't forgotten such colorful crystal beads; the quality of craftsmanship in these antique and vintage strands in happy hues is not something found readily these days, so we were thrilled to have them back when a customer offered them to us as part of our Re-Vintage program this summer.

We did see a wonderful opportunity to enhance them, however, as we stumbled upon a collection of vintage and antique buckles this past spring, and one seemed the perfect accompaniment to the yellow and green beads. With shades of amber, green, and golden yellow layered expertly and artistically in celluloid to create the most delightful plaid-like pattern, the 1930s buckle picks up on the various colors of the crystal beads, and now we can't imagine them without one another. Furthermore, when we researched the mark at the back of the buckle, we found it hails from France (BTE SGDG means "Breveté Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement“ or "patent without government guarantees") which just elevates its appeal even more. (Everything is better when it's French, n'est-ce pas?) Whether one wears the buckle at the side of the strands or at the back of the neck, this gem is a colorful statement of style and colorful history.

Measures 19.5" length, shortest strand.

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