Knot in Love

Elva Fields

It's not just a love affair with these beyond-beautiful beads from Africa - it may be a full-on adoration bordering on obsession. Truly, as I gathered these strands together earlier this year, I was already dreaming of the joyful design they would make. A few weeks later, I stumbled upon a vintage buckle that seemed perfect for a different project underway...until it arrived from the estate collection and the color was completely off for that arrangement. Happenstance placed the buckle near the five strands of glass from Ghana and my brain made the leap - it's an unusual pairing, but it is entirely wonderful, and now they've officially tied the knot! From the subtle shifting of shades of pink and purple in the 1930s celluloid knot buckle to the playful pattern of the happily-hued handmade glass beads (such detail and craftsmanship!) there is so much to enjoy here. Measures 20" length, shortest strand, while buckle measures 5" length.
$ 348.00 $ 288.00
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