Joyful Willingness

Elva Fields

Willing to seek joy and find it in the every day, this design takes a collection of overlooked and unused acrylic beads and makes something marvelous from them (if we do say so ourselves...) Though the beads were never incorporated in a design and sat in a jewelry supply warehouse from the 1950s and 60s until their discovery many years later, they are full of cheerful color and interesting shapes and bring an unexpected beauty when brought together. A vintage rhinestone flower brooch, at a whopping 3.75" diameter, only enlivens their dynamism and adds some stylish sparkle to the look. A play of high-low and uplifting glamour make this a truly joyful jewel. Measures an adjustable 18.5 to 21" length with its vintage rhinestone hook and chain clasp at back.
$ 308.00
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