Joyful Among Them


Whether out on the town with friends or gathered around the table with family (or co-workers, even!) you are full of joy and gratitude, ever thoughtful of the beauty that surrounds you. Add this necklace to the list, maybe an outward reminder of all that goodness and gratefulness of spirit that is found inside, no matter who we're among or where we are. Strands of tumbled and polished rock crystal, antique glass, and clear glass beads may be worn sans buckle (scoot it to the back and just the strands show!) or with the elegantly-jeweled vintage buckle at the side, clasping the strands in an unforgettable drape. Any occasion, any venue, any time, it's joyful and fun. (Like you!) Necklace measures 20" length, shortest strand. Buckle is 4.5" width.
$ 338.00
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