Glad To Have You

Elva Fields

Like the warmest and most thoughtful of friends, this one is always glad to have you; something about its cheerful come-one-come-all arrangement of vintage celluloid blossoms at the side seems to suggest a kind, welcoming demeanor.  We're totally digging the color combo of yellow, pink, orange, blue, and white in the mixing and mingling flowers, and we thought a bold backdrop of black beads would be just the thing to show them off joyfully. A mix of polished coin-shaped and round black onyx is fun and fashionable, and the addition of cobalt quartz beads at back hints at the necklace's overall whimsical nature. Measuring 18" in length, the design is fastened by an etched and gilt copper toggle clasp.
$ 318.00 $ 278.00
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