Fun on Repeat


These beads have the coolest story: called "leftover" beads in their native Africa, artisans in Ghana craft them by taking smaller, discarded millefiori beads (with flower-like patterns learned from Italian merchants traveling and trading in Africa centuries ago) that were, literally, left over from other designs and melting them together to create larger ring-like beads. We combined three strands in a fun aqua/green/red/black colorway to create a perfect perch for a fun, feathered friend! This rare vintage stunner in rhinestones (complete with a flowing rhinestone about shake your tailfeather!) is sure to be on repeat this season and beyond, a whimsical and party-ready addition for any and every occasion. A vintage rhinestone clasp at back continues the glamorous theme at back, allowing lengths from 21.5 to 23 inches overall, a longer length at once flattering and fashionable.
$ 368.00
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