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Our latest addition to our online offerings is Elva Fields Flair, a capsule collection of accessories that put the FUN in FUNCTIONAL (with a side of style, of course.) This one is equal parts mask lanyard, glasses chain, and necklace, because three-in-one is so much more fun! 

Whether you're wanting to keep your mask nearby for staying safe and healthy (can I get an "Amen!"?) or you like having those sunnies on deck for bright end-of-summer days, or maybe you need to keep those readers at the ready because you've misplaced your last two pairs...this fun flair is for you! 

In this style, a length of colorful and assorted beads hand-selected from our extensive collection (including antique African glass, vintage resin, gemstone, crystal, wood, and metal) ends in lobster claw clasps (for clipping to a mask's ear loops) and also features a pair of soft-wrapped silicone loops for a tight, non-slip, no-scratch grip to keep any eyeglasses - sun or otherwise - easily around the neck. Elevate your everyday with a bit of unique charm and one-of-a-kind style, and even wear this one as a necklace by clasping the ends together. Measures 25" length.


  • hand-selected beads from the Elva Fields collection (each will be entirely unique and one-of-a-kind)
  • wear as mask chain, glasses chain, or necklace
  • measures 25" length
  • sunglasses and mask NOT included - beaded flair only
$ 48.00
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