For Joyful Prosperity


Wishing joyful prosperity in all elements of life, there is much symbolism among the vintage elements of this necklace. Vintage beads of hand-painted porcelain from Asia delight blue-and-white lovers everywhere with their character and floral decorations, and the addition of tiny faceted brass beads throughout add a hint of glamour and connection to the golden buckle at their side. The vintage belt buckle from the 1970s (a rare style we hadn't seen in person until discovering this one at auction,) with its double urn/jar/bottle becomes the necklace's clasp. Whether ginger jars, ceremonial urns, or snuff bottles, the high relief surface of the buckle's vessels is at once textural and whimsical, taking inspiration from traditional Asian design. Altogether charming and delightful. Measures 19" length.
$ 358.00
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