For A Lifetime


Look at these lovebirds! A pair of swans who mate for life - especially here in this golden rendering of two beautiful birds happily linked together forever. Originally a vintage belt buckle by Mimi di Nicola and likely designed in the 70s, the birds here become a clasp of five stunning strands of colorful polished opal beads. Ranging from lavender and aqua to chartreuse and sky, these color-enhanced gemstone beads are nothing short of spectacular; almost like candy and bring even more joy to behold. Their patterning and subtle variation in shade are alluring and inspiring, not to mention the charismatic color they'll bring to any occasion. Choose to wear the beads as the main attraction, with the buckle clasped at the back of the neck, or wear the swans at the side to show off the graceful pair. Either way, the look is lovely and a colorful heirloom to last a lifetime...and beyond. The necklace measures 17.5" at its shortest strand.
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