Ease of Afternoon


When I unexpectedly ran into an old friend and vendor of beautiful African beads on my last buying adventure (which was the first in-person buying trip I'd taken in over two years!) he revealed a stash of vintage and antique glass beads from Ghana and Nigeria that dropped my jaw. I instantly adored the bright colors and vibrant patterns, and decided to create a home-stretch of summer batch of necklaces just so I could include them.

These smallest beads of the bunch might be my favorites of all, a stunning collection of styles (some that just aren't so easily found anymore) shapes and happy hues. The teals, aquas, and blues, mixed with pink, sherbet orange, and sunny yellows remind me of those effortless afternoons - though rare - where nothing's on the books but enjoying and being. Or enjoying being. While the beads would be enough to overjoy on their own, I couldn't help but add this Art Deco rhinestone buckle as their clasp, bringing the most wonderful sparkle to the mix. Some optimism, some hope, some goodness to which to look forward, if you will. Whether the buckle-turned-clasp is worn at the side or at back, this gem is a keeper forever. Measures 21" length, buckle 3" width.

$ 348.00
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