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Here's a fun fact from a gem nerd for you: Did you know that carat-for-carat emeralds are FAR more valuable than diamonds? We wholeheartedly agree with that evaluation, based on their gorgeous green hue alone. Which is why we jumped for joy at these faux emerald posts (faceted crystal is oh so elegant encased in 18 karat gold over brass!) and when we found a stash of vintage faceted acrylic "gumball" beads in their own stylish shade of emerald green, we had to bring them together. So here they are: a notice-me-now fun pop of color and over-the-top style for your holiday hob-nobbing! Each measures 1.75" length (bead drop is 0.75" diameter) with stainless steel posts.


*If you're looking for less of a statement, we've featured these faux emerald studs in a lovely style with a smaller vintage Japanese glass bead drop. If you're more of a less-is-more kinda gal, there is a small faux emerald stud in our small-batch collection that might be just your jam.

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