Captivated Mon Coeur

Elva Fields

Full of romance, wonder, and the loveliest lights, Paris has captivated many a heart over the years. (Mine included!) Engraved in brass and enameled in black, some of the most beautiful sights of the City of Lights appear on this vintage compact lid, from the Arc de Triomphe to La Tour Eiffel. From Olfa of Paris and likely dating to the 40s or 50s, this lipstick and powder compact becomes the most marvelous pendant on beaded strands of hand-wrought brass from Mali, faceted brass from India, and polished black onyx. It’s a classically glamorous look, with a touch of whimsical grandeur that only Paris can bring. Necklace measures 20” length with a gilt brass clasp at back. Compact measures 3.75” by 3”. 

$ 348.00 $ 248.00
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