Bursting to Tell

Elva Fields

This vintage compact by Zell was such a fun find back in 2009, and the addition of two rich green bead strands completed the look as part of our Holiday Collection that year. Fourteen years later, we have the honor of Re-Vintage-ing this design, and we thought a more neutral pairing of beads might make for a joyful shift of style. The compact, likely from the 1950s, is as golden and gorgeous as ever, opening to reveal a mirror and the spot that originally held blush or powder - now a special spot for a cherished treasure, perhaps. The single strand of hand-carved bone beads from Kenya alternates between ivory-hued to a more smoky gray-brown, with a tiny cream-colored jasper bead to set the pace, while a gilt copper hook at back means the necklace is adjustable from 19 to 20" length. 

(Here's a link to the necklace's original listing in our Archives.)

$ 148.00
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