Brightness of Heart


This wonderful buckle style has popped up at auction and at my favorite flea market once or twice before, but stumbling upon a version with an original tag, unworn and in mint vintage condition made my own heart all a-flutter. I knew this beautiful buckle (a design by Paquette and sold by Talbot's) merited a wow-factor accompaniment, so a combination of colors (two favorites, especially together: orange and pink) in playful arrangements of shade and shape seemed just the thing. The marvelous mix of beads includes cotton from India, magnesite, glass, crystal, vintage Nigerian glass, jade, and brass. Clasped by a pair of interlocking golden hearts, the result is bright and beguiling. Measures 18" length, shortest strand.


*Note: some of the stones used in the strands have been heat treated to enhance color and, though sealed with a lacquer, are occasionally (though rarely) affected by certain perfumes and lotions, causing transfer of color to skin and clothing. 

$ 378.00
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