Belle Histoire


Sometimes (often) a vintage find prompts us to imagine the life it lead before its discovery by us, the people who may have worn or enjoyed it, the events experienced, the places traveled and seen. Something about these shoe buckles, likely from early 20th-century France, had us exclaiming (like Truvy suspiciously in Steel Magnolias) "I think there's a story there!" Surely those cut-steel beauties saw some sites on their adventures on some magnificent mademoiselle's shoes! This time around, they adorn a strand of statement-making aqua terra jasper coin beads, picking up on the gorgeous grays within the beautiful blues of the stone, and hitting at just the most flattering spot below the collarbone to show that subtle hint of sparkle the metal finish allows. (The cut steel was used to replicate the glittery gorgeousness of marcasite with less expense.) An etched and silvered toggle clasp completes the longer-length style at back, measuring 28.5" overall.
$ 318.00
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