Awake to Your Potential


Alive and awake to your potential, you aim to be the best version of yourself each day.  It's said that coral helps to harness that power and intention, so when we found this flower in one of our favorite vintage collections, we couldn't resist! Carved petals in the rich red-orange hue (a favorite for sure) cheerfully and beautifully unfold, and the entire bloom is mounted on a carved mother-of-pearl base. Truly an exquisite antique creation, and we pinned the brooch on some of our most treasured bead strands, carved and dotted bone from Kenya.  WIth some African coral glass beads at back to emphasize the pop of eye-catching color, this one is truly effervescent and inspiring, we think.  (And though the blossom is detachable from the strands, we're betting you'll want to wear it everywhere...but how wonderful to have the option of pinning the coral flower anywhere you'd like!) Measures 18" in length with gilt copper and black glass jeweled clasp at back.


$ 288.00
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