Assume Good Will

Elva Fields

These beautiful deep red beads and the pointed petals of the vintage flower brooch at their side reminded us of poinsettias, which are said to symbolize - among other things - the spirit of goodwill and cheer this time of year. Not always easy in a sometimes-cynical world, but we're tryyyyying our best to assume (presume?) good will as we move through our days lately. Someone cut us off in traffic? Maybe they didn't see us there. A snub from a friend? Perhaps they had no idea they were hurtful. Life becomes a bit more gentle and kind when we channel that grace and good will for others - maybe we need to wear this necklace at all times as a reminder?! Even without the golden bloom in the mix (it can be removed or pinned on to the faceted crystal bead strands) the rich red hue is a lovely addition to any look, and the hints of golden brass throughout the design only add a touch of glam. Necklace measures an adjustable 18.5 to 19.5" length overall. 
$ 178.00
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