Alright With Me


If this necklace is part of the party, then all is alright with me. Whether it's the marvelous mix of beads (more on that in a bit) or the larger-than-life bloom of a brooch (we'll get to it shortly) or the overall effect of both together (yes) we're totally digging this style. Color and texture bring quite the combination here in beads of carved horn (that zig-zag!) hand-wrought African brass, African glass, crystal, sodalite (cubes!), black onyx (matte-finished), Indian brass, and turquoise (that green!) that balance and beautify one another so well. At the side is a vintage rhinestone flower brooch we found a few weeks ago at one of our favorite local flea markets. While some tend to favor the bright white sparkle of rhinestones, we also adore the more subtle shimmer of vintage gems, some darkened a bit with experience and age, and the presence of both types of rhinestones here show us that this brooch has had one heck of a great time in its life. And that, friends, is alright, alright, alright. With an adjustable vintage silver hook-and-chain clasp at back, the necklace measures from 18.5 to 19.5" in overall length.

$ 368.00
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