Zeal and Cheer


For the gal who isn't afraid of showing up and standing out, full of zeal and cheer as she moves through life, we've paired some of our ALL-TIME favorite beads (that are, sadly, incredibly rare these days!) with a knock-your-socks-off bloom in bold neon red-orange. We think the combination is a right-on kind of rad, perfect for dressier occasions as much as for those days of run-around in jeans kinda fun. The beads, super hard to find in this pink-blue combo, are vintage glass from Africa, known as "snake vertebrae" beads for their zig-zag shape and pattern. (We adore the random nature of the pattern, too - sometimes with a bit of brown or black mixed in for fun!) At the side is a vintage blossom brooch made of papier-mâché that lights up the whole look without adding weight. With its gilt copper box clasp at back, the necklace measures 21" length. (Flower brooch is 3" diameter, and the modeled image shows the best depiction of its true hue, as neon is challenging to capture digitally.)

$ 348.00
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