You Do You


Do your thing, beautiful gal, because you do it so well. We love that you have your own style and creative expression, drawn to unique, one-of-a-kind beauty like your own. Celebrating the best of interesting, unexpected design, we were instantly drawn to these larger-than-life magnesite cylinder beads for their unusual orchid-and-turquoise pattern. Just waiting for the perfect pairing, they have sat in our studio for almost three years, bringing fun and joy every time we look at them. When we found this dazzling vintage rhinestone brooch recently, it somehow seemed time to put the beads to a greater use than entertaining our eyes in the Elva Fields studio...and here it is! A knock-out combination of color, scale, style, and charisma, highlighting the very best of you doing you. Measures 18.5" in length with a hammered silvered copper toggle clasp at back. 

$ 298.00
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