Yet Hope Arrives


Just when we're convinced things may never change, hope arrives and offers a glimmer of light, of loveliness, of all we thought was lost. Maybe wintertime is when we need this reminder most, and a beautiful butterfly a harbinger in glittering golden wings. We love this vintage brooch (possibly by Staret in the 1940s or 50s) for its jeweled details and stunning scale (nearly 4" across!) and, suspended from beads of recycled African glass, the pairing is so soothing and stylish. Luminous greens in the textured beads are so wonderful among the more refined sparkle of the brooch, not to mention with the butterfly's green eyes, and we added a few soft white beads at back to hint at the clear rhinestones scattered across its surface, too. A gilt copper hook clasps the necklace at back, measuring 18" at its shortest strand.
$ 348.00
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