Wouldn't Change A Thing


Knowing all works out for the best, you wouldn't change a thing about your life with its ups, downs, and in-betweens.  A marvelous mix, indeed, and a reminder that there is much joy in the jumble: strands of incredibly rare (we were delighted and shocked when a dealer showed us this secret stash of antique beads!) glass kakumba beads from Africa mix and mingle in a jubilant arrangement of shapes, styles, and sizes.  Blooming at the side of the strands are a pair of vintage ivory celluloid flowers, their petals and centers dotted with glittering rhinestone gems.  Between the happy hues and bits of sparkle, we wouldn't change a thing, either.  Measures 23" in length with an etched and gilt copper toggle clasp at back.
$ 398.00
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