Worlds Within


While we're completely smitten with this antique buckle - mostly because of the turquoise glass-jeweled flower rows, but also because of the striking grid-like lattice pattern in stippled and linked brass (so. good.) - it's the beads that maybe have our heart forever. (But that buckle is nothing short of fantastic, friends, and likely dates to the early 1900s, so there's that to love, too.) But, ah, the beads. They instantly sent us to our happiest place: the beach. Each polished cylinder of jasper contains worlds within, reminiscent of ocean waves, tidal pools, even sandy sunrises. We reveled in the patterns, hues, and daydreaming possibilities. In a longer length that flatters and goes anywhere, the necklace measures 26" length, with the buckle measuring 4.75" length.
$ 298.00
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