With Vibrant Energy


With a vibrant energy palpable to all around you, you are full of hope, joy, and kindness...and, fun, of course. Let this one tag along...it brings a few of those things to the table, too. Combining strands of gray wood, pink magnesite, black and green antique African glass, blue lapis, blush crystal, and speckled Dalmatian jasper, the beads are beautifully bold. Fastened at the side (it's detachable!) is a vintage blossom brooch at once dynamic and wild, with alternating petals of turquoise and gold and a center of faux turquoise and rhinestones. Choose to wear the brooch elsewhere or among the beads...all fastened by an etched and gilt copper toggle clasp at back. Measures 17.5" in length.
$ 278.00
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