With Rare Depth


Our love for these beads could never be overstated. We've only found a few before, in an aqua hue we reserved for earrings, since we only had a handful to enjoy. So when we stumbled upon strands at market last month, we were nothing short of stunned and smiling.  Extremely rare vintage German beauties, each pressed glass bead shows a linear design that has been filled with gold, an example of delicate glamour, incredible workmanship, and the delight that only the smallest of details can bring. The fact that they're found in blush pink and sunny yellow? Blissful. You can understand why we merely added a vintage chain in soft stippled gold metal at back--these beads were meant to be the focus, with rare depth and decadence in the most subtle of ways.  Measures 29" in overall length without a clasp.  Simply throw on and go...and know you're wearing a rare and beautiful part of history.
$ 338.00
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