With New Eyes


Once in a while, it's as if you're able to see something with new eyes, and such was the case when we discovered this whole-heartedly unusual and amazing vintage buckle at auction. The sheer scale of the piece was inspiring, if not a little intimidating, and we immediately planned to add chains to create a short statement style, using the buckle as the clasp at front center. When we later found these vintage vinyl beads from Africa in impossible-to-resist pink and green, we reconsidered our original plans, seeing the buckle a bit differently. Perhaps the scale lent itself more readily to a longer statement-making design--taking a cue from the pressed green glass gems at the center of each buckle half and the glittering green rhinestones that lined the edges? The amber-hued rhinestones are lovely against the pink, and though this isn't a design for the faint of heart (go bold or go home, right?) it seems right where it should be. Measures 33.5" in overall length.
$ 378.00
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