With Hearts and Hands


While we may display our holiday spirit with our hands - from the wrapping of gifts to the hanging of the greens - the real spirit comes from the heart. Lovingly crafted by hand, recycled glass beads from Ghana display a natural and rough texture that only further the authentic artisanal feel.  Their pale turquoise blue color is lovely on its own, but is only enhanced by a vintage rhinestone appliqué at the side. The ornate floral design is from the 1920s, before the rise of mass production, the faded but glittering stones most likely set by hand as well.  A vintage rhinestone hook sparkles at the back while allowing for an extra long length range of 25.5 - 27". Coming full circle, from one hand and heart to another, this look, like all Elva creations, was handmade with love. 

$ 182.00
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