Will Forever Remain


Your memories will forever remain in your heart, a testament to a life lived fully and deeply. Looking closely at these beautiful beads, we couldn't help but be reminded of those lasting things in life; of what remains, as each polished pendant of these fossil beads shows incredible detail from millions of years ago, plant and animal life captured and preserved in stone. Subtle shades of gray and brown become such a stunning backdrop--especially with the unique patterning created by the elements found within--for a vintage rhinestone brooch. The ribbon bow at the side seems carefree and joyful in its form and sparkle, balanced by the intricacy of the fossils and grounded gorgeously by their neutral palette. Truly, this one will remain a classic for years to come. A hammered silver toggle from Thailand clasps the strand at back, measuring a flattering 20" in length.

$ 248.00
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