When Skies are Gray


We truly love all of our Elva Gals out there, and aren't being facetious when we say you all, and your kind words, are often our sunshine on even the cloudiest (i.e. overloaded) days. Drawing inspiration from our favorite lovely ladies (that's you!) we decided to bring some glamorous glimmer to gray (yet still very lovely) ovals. The two strands of beautifully banded agate, in their varying tones of subtle gray are strung together with Indian brass, creating a subdued yet almost pearlescent backdrop for the gilded duo of vintage brooches. Blooming large and lovely at the side is a pair of vintage brass flowers, each of them displaying a costume pearl center nestled among their leaf-like petals.  A brass leaves hook mirrors the pair at the back of this 20” style, that will hopefully bring as much sunshine to your days as you bring to ours. 

$ 288.00
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