When Life


You know the whole "When life gives you lemons..." idea - and you may even be one of those gals who not only makes lemonade, but upgrades to a fine Italian limoncello and toasts to that same life that handed out lemons...just because you tend to make magic, gratitude, and beauty wherever you go. Well, then, this one's for you: we were giddy to find these joyful citrus beads, made in the tradition of some of Italy's most treasured glass creations, that boast sunny yellow lemons, rich green leaves, iridescent white blossoms, and tiny seed bead centers. Carefree, charming, and cheerful, and positively vibrant against the recycled matte-finished coin-shaped beads as their backdrop. And speaking of life - the tiny yellow glass beads between each translucent disc has quite the life story to tell, as they're over 150 years old and originally worn by the Yoruba tribe in Africa. A gilt copper toggle brings the look together at 17" length, shortest strand. Cheers to life, indeed!
$ 278.00
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