Where It's Tended

Elva Fields

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but we've also heard it's greenest where it's tended...and that seems a more uplifting way to look at life; that where we give our (healthy) love and attention is where we find flourishing and thriving. A reminder to consider this more often, ten strands of olive jade beads offer their green hue gorgeously, their color made all the richer with their faceted shape. A smattering of faceted golden brass beads refer beautifully to the vintage buckle that clasps the strands at the side (or at front as desired...one might even wear the buckle around back to show off just the beaded strand drape!) Likely from the 1920s, the buckle features machine-finished texture and tiny rhinestones dotting a foliate design along the center, an elegant and timeless look with statement style at nearly 5" length. The necklace is a flattering 21" length.
$ 318.00
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