What Time Brings Together


It’s no secret that I adore African glass beads - they’ve been part of Elva Fields collections since our start 18 years ago. (Actually since before our official start - I began buying African beads from our beloved vendor partner before Elva was a real thing.) Sometimes I buy matching arrangements of colors and patterns and styles…and other times I just snag what catches my eye and figure it will find its way into something wonderful in the studio. This one is sort of a combination of both ideas, which became its own thing altogether. None of these strands “go” together…but I love each of them for their own history, materials, and style. And together they are so much more than they might be on their own. So here they are: a happy quartet of gorgeous glass (including those Russian Blues I so love for their range of cobalt and periwinkle hues!) clasped with a vintage pink glass jeweled clasp. Brought together in beauty to be enjoyed for years to come. Measures 23” length.

$ 278.00
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