What Comes from the Heart


Quite the statement, I couldn't help but notice this antique buckle at a recent auction - its 5" span alone was eye-catching. Looking more closely at its design, however, became the main attraction. Subtly textured hearts seem to burst with a joyful spray of exuberance and the fine linear decoration is unusual and beautifully-rendered. Matching this early 1900s buckle with beads from the same era was a no-brainer, so tiny jet glass beads (originally from a hand-sewn dress appliqué that detached from its original gown) form loops that connect the buckle to five strands of patterned bone beads from Kenya. The contrast and combination is lively and classic, and the buckle becomes the necklace's bold clasp in a longer, flattering drape of 26.5" length at shortest strand.
$ 368.00 $ 238.00
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