We Always Have Plenty


With gratitude and loving awareness of all the beauty around us always, we dispel the scarcity and lack that sneaks in now and again. And perhaps this pair, vintage dress clips, can inspire, too. We spied this stunning duo recently at a favorite flea market and nearly gasped. Okay, we definitely gasped. They're just beautiful: from their gold-over-sterling cornucopia, the opal glass-centered rhinestone blooms, green enamel leaves, and tiny costume pearl blossoms - truly horns of plenty that remind us we always have enough, a bounty if we choose to see and appreciate it. Paired with subtle matte gray lacquered and faceted shell pearl beads, this is a beauty that will never deplete. Measures 18" in length with a gilt copper toggle clasp at back.
$ 378.00 $ 278.00
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