Unexpected Celebration

Elva Fields

We stumbled upon this incredible jewel of a buckle a few years ago, stunned by its combination of colors (that yellow!) and the details of its craftsmanship. It is truly a work of art. Of Czech origin, the buckle is both enameled and jeweled with glass and crystal, and we've held off on incorporating it into a necklace design because we could never seem to find just the right beads to show off its wonderful beauty and delightful distinctness. Finally, these glossy black obsidian coin beads rise to the occasion, along with magnesite, vintage glass, agate, and crystal in cream, pink, blue, green, and yellow in tribute to the buckle's polychrome awesomeness. Because the buckle is the necklace's clasp, it may be worn at the side of the strands or at the back of the neck for two very different looks - both stylish and fun. Measures 17.5" length, shortest strand.
$ 188.00 $ 158.00
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