Transparency in Beauty


We believe in transparency in beauty--that it is only when one is authentic, real, and honest that beauty may be seen and shown.  When we discovered this dress clip earlier this summer on a vintage adventure to an early-morning flea market, the sparkling stones were an instant reminder of this truth.  Because the glass stones are unfoiled, with no metallic backing on them to reflect the light and fool the eye, they rely solely on the light that shines entirely through them and their own clarity to sparkle and shine.  Not as flashy as typical rhinestones, but no less lovely.  We paired this vintage floral clip (after swooning over the sumptuous, dynamic design) with strands of pearls, each in a different style and shape from baroque to chicken-foot.  We love the look with its unexpected beauty, clear for all to see.  Measures 18" in length with gilt copper toggle.
$ 288.00
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