Our Own Awesomeness


African Krobo glass is made in Ghana in a celebrated tradition of craftsmanship, using powdered glass to decorate already-fired and mold-made beads with joyful and unique patterns. Here, a collection of several different Krobo glass styles gather together in a happy three-strand arrangement, perhaps representing all the parts of ourselves that mix and mingle to create our own individual awesomeness. Clasped with a 1920s rhinestone hinged buckle, this necklace becomes a bright and colorful celebration of human-ness and a tribute to being ourselves no matter how wild and unmatch-y it might seem. (Trust what’s there, it all works beautifully together.) Necklace measures 24” at shortest strand with its 3” buckle that may be worn at either side or at back for three looks in one.

$ 228.00
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