The Ways You Are


Oh, let us count the ways you are wonderful! The list is long, much like the one we've made for this lovely! So much to adore here, really, from the pair of green glass-jeweled golden buckles (like Truvy says, "There's a story there...") to the striped sand-cast glass beads. Let's start with those buckle ornaments--though we were immediately drawn to the golden-and-green combo, their jeweled decoration, and the unusual openwork design, it was the maker's mark on the reverse that led us to investigate their origin.  (We love research!) As it turns out, the buckles were created by the EA Bliss Company, a firm founded in 1883 that later became the costume jewelry firm Napier. The mark on the back dates the buckles to 1890-1917, and examples like these are incredibly rare. Paired with draping and stripe-like African glass beads, it's an unforgettably unique combination, and we feel certain the lucky gal who grabs this one will find a million ways to love and enjoy this wonder. Measures 24.5" in length with gilt copper clasp at back.
$ 348.00
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