The Ways of the World


The ways of the world are often wonderful if we see them with the right attitude and outlook, and why not choose to look lovingly and happily upon life at large?  You'll channel optimism and fortitude in true blue, three strands of faux blue cinnabar beads show amazing "carved" decoration that add texture, richness, and interest, incredibly rare vintage finds from a now-defunct costume jewelry manufacturer whose contents were discovered in a forgotten storage unit.  (We happened upon part of this treasure trove on a recent vintage adventure and immediately scooped them up--truly stunning.)  While the beads have our heart (and likely yours already...they make an immediate impression to be sure) an antique gilt brass floral and foliate brooch at front center adds a golden glow to all you encounter.  The overlapping leaves and flowers are equally elegant and provocative, and a gilt copper tube clasp echoes these qualities as a beautiful finish at back.  Measures 19.5"
$ 308.00
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