The Way it Wonders


We're endlessly amazed (often put into our place, really) by the way life unfolds, the way it wonders and wanders and works out exactly as its meant to without our intervention.  We were navigating one of our favorite flea markets earlier this year, dreaming of the Spring Collection, and hoping to find a fun collection of flower-like brooches, when we stumbled upon a single costume pearl brooch that charmed us.  "Man, I wish there were more of these..." we thought.  Lifting a bag of vintage embroidery floss (that also came home with us that day) we discovered a stash of eight more of the vintage brooches in a box.  Here they are, adorning the side of stunning freshwater pearl strands.  Keep the brooches in place for a statement-making marvel, or remove them (they're detachable!) to enjoy the pearls on their own...or even to wear the collection of brooches elsewhere.  (They'd be amazing clustered as a trio or quartet on a sweater or jacket!)  Measures 20" in overall length with an etched and gilt copper toggle clasp at back.
$ 368.00
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