Take A Leap


When basic black simply won't do, take a leap to the bright side of the pond in a punchy pink-and-green combo sure to bring smiles and style.  Three strands show hot pink fossil jasper squares alternating with green turquoise discs, while a pair of lovely lily pads brings the beads together in a vintage buckle that becomes the clasp.  A vintage goldtone and enamel design by Mimi di N (Princess Mimi di Niscemi), a famed costume jeweler in the 1960s and 70s, from 1974 features frog friends perched prettily atop their pads, and may be worn at the side or back at whim.  Go for gorgeous, take a leap, and enjoy the ride--ribbit is the new black, after all.  Measures 18" in length.
$ 288.00
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