Swift and Sure


A symbol of hope, swift and sure, we've been charmed by this beautiful bird since it arrived in our collection many years ago.  We've treasured it, saving the 1930s feathered friend for a most special design, but never finding the right pairing for the delightful creature.  When we found two strands of turquoise beads at market this fall, we wondered if the subtle shades of green in the stone might be just the thing to capture the charismatic color of the bird's emerald-hued eye.  It seems a sure thing, and a vintage rhinestone and pearl clasp at back is not only adjustable from 18 to 20" but also finishes the look with a hint of sparkle and charismatic charm.  (An added feature: the bird brooch is detachable, allowing it to be enjoyed elsewhere, or the beads to be worn on their own for a more casual look sans rhinestones.)
$ 308.00
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