Sur-prize Party


Cause for celebration, today is a gift, dear gal, and you live each day with a grateful, giving spirit.  We applaud and adore your smiling spirit and love that you see all around you surprises and gifts and moments of glee.  When we discovered a small collection of vintage Cracker Jack prizes on a recent vintage adventure this fall, our gears began to turn. We just knew these once-hidden treasures that brought cheer and delight and a bit of whimsy to an ordinary day could make magic once again, a reminder of the way life can surprise and encourage unexpectedly...that little things can bring enormous joy.  So...we gathered the goodies in one big celebration at the side of strands of faceted black onyx. Their happy hues and wonderful shapes and symbols suggest (we hope) that life is to be enjoyed and there is always something to celebrate. Measures 22.5" in length with gilt copper floral box clasp at back.
$ 378.00
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