Such Good Fortune


It's no secret that we're super-fans of all things Miriam Haskell, the famed costume jewelry designer whose creations often featured hand-wired elements, stunning craftsmanship, and delightful whimsical details. So, when we discovered this Miriam Haskell pendant at a recent auction, we were instantly smitten. A fortune cookie rendered in gold metal (Yes! A fortune cookie! The MOST fun, right?!) contains a clever fortune on a brass plaque that may be retrieved from within by its chain. (It reads "Always Know Where the Exit Is" for all you gals who love an Irish goodbye!)

Here the sweet treat suspends from a strand of golden and glass beads made from a centuries-old Czech technique using pressing molds and real gold decoration, these particular beads showing tiny stars and moons to continue the astrological/fortune-telling/written-in-the-stars theme of this lucky lovely. Altogether, it's a charming and entirely fun look, bringing good fortune to your joyful days. Measures 28" length. (Pendant 2" length.)

$ 198.00
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