Such Brightness in Blooming


We've never been able to resist that melon-orange hue, so when we stumbled upon a set of vintage enamel and rhinestone blooms in the shade, we knew they had to be ours. That was in November...and we've saved them for spring where they can bloom with brightness and joy among strands of recycled, matte-finished and antique African glass bead strands. We're loving the combination of form and finish in the beads (some of the African styles have a slight opalescence to them and are lovingly called "Dutch Doughnuts" in homage to their round ring shape and initial origin, brought on trade ships to Africa in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. For a bit of whimsy and charm, we added polished melon quartz and green glass beads at back to echo the beautiful enamelwork of the flowers, and an embossed and gilt copper clasp adds a touch of golden glamour at back, hinting at the brass beads from India throughout the design. So much brightness...perhaps you'll want this one to bloom year-round! Measures 18.5" in length.
$ 278.00
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