Subtly Detailed


Life's little intricacies and details are subtle yet sure, and the pair of blossoms adorning this design are a lovely reminder of the beauty to beheld in all around us.  From their etched goldtone finish to the faux turquoise edging at each curling petal, not to mention the costume pearl center, this vintage brooch duo by Trifari is delightful and sweet.  And...if you'd rather opt for a more straightforwardly stylish look, the pearl strands may be worn on their own, showing off hints of turquoise and faceted gilt brass here and there, as the brooches are detachable.  (Or--better yet--move the flowers around at whim amongst the five luminous strands!)  A gold vermeil and pearl clasp at back ensures a completeness to the ensemble, measuring 17.5" in overall length.
$ 208.00
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