Subtleties in Complexity


The complexities here are subtle--this is one of those designs that seems so simple, yet, upon closer inspection, reveals much in which to revel and delight.  Perhaps the matte-finished sodalite beads bring interest at first, leading the eye to an alluring pattern in rich blue and vibrant peach.  Or maybe the addition of faceted and silvered brass beads from India bring a brightness amongst the gemstone beads that wasn't quite expected but echo the elegance of the central element: the vintage fur clip pendant.  Such sophistication and sparkle in this stunner, with gorgeous gems of all shapes and sizes creating a playful-yet-classic pattern in resplendent rhinestones.  Finally, at back, note the vintage rhinestone clasp that also nods to the glamorous glitter of the design and allows adjustable lengths from 19 to 20.5" overall.
$ 328.00
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