Subtle Arrival


Though you're certainly not afraid of making an entrance, your beautiful humility also allows you to make a more subtle arrival and still bring such statement-making stylishness to the occasion. That's where this lovely design comes in: strands of polished magnesite teardrops show some of spring's most wonderful hues: dusty gray-green, palest pinks, barely-butter yellows, soft sky blues, and (perhaps our favorite) a muted marigold. Tiny beads of faceted brass from India mix among the five strands, hinting at the clustered costume pearl and rhinestone flowers set in goldtone petals at the side. Originally earrings (c. 1960) the pair now become pendants and bloom beautifully amidst the beads. An embossed and gilt copper box clasp completes the look at back, which measures 17.5" in length.

See how we'd wear this beauty (and you can, too!) over on our blog.


$ 288.00
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